This report describes how Kronos customers are using automation to help deliver on management effectiveness,employee retention and engagement, and company competitive advantage.

About Time: Workforce Software That Actually Supports Talent Management

Back office business initiatives are often undertaken to cut costs. This is particularly true of software automation investments in finance, accounting, and human resources. 

HfS Research is on a mission to find compelling examples where enterprise software and service providers are providing genuine business impact, beyond costs savings and head-count reductions. The HfS workforce optimization research practice specifically looks for solutions that are giving workers and managers the tools as well as the time (in terms of HR-related operational efficiencies and simplification) to focus on person-to-person performance management, distinct career development, and face-to-face employee engagement activities. 

KronosWorks, the annual user conference and analyst briefing event for workforce management software and device developer Kronos Incorporated, proved fertile ground for finding many examples in practice. HfS observed the use of its workforce management solutions is impacting individual people as well as business performance outcomes today. Kronos customers report automation helps deliver on management effectiveness, employee retention and engagement, and company competitive advantage.

At KronosWorks, HfS heard many stories of in-year ROIs through better accuracy in payroll, avoided overtime, or regulatory penalty payments. Some were able to calculate full-time equivalent work reduction, even if people were not actually let go because of the software implementation and simply freed up to take on more value-added responsibilities.