In a hyper-competitive world, it’s harder than ever to hire, retain, and engage top talent. As HR leaders and workforce innovators, you face this reality every day. How do you compete? How do you stay ahead? The answer is your people - your last differentiator is your human capital. Highly engaged employees are more productive and drive more value throughout your organization – it’s a fact. But, to realize this potential, you need trust, strong management, and effective tools to unlock the power of information.

 Your Last Differentiator: How Engaged Employees Drive Financial Performance

Join Gregg Gordon, Vice President, Data Science Practice at Kronos, and John Frehse, Senior Managing Director at Ankura, to better understand how workforce engagement is not just a nice-to-have but is perhaps your most important financial strategy, and how to see the financial impact of your HR investments.

In this webinar, you will also learn:

  • What it takes to fully engage your employees. Including, how effective workforce management tools can match employee needs with organizational benefits.
  • How Google is the coach we should all look to emulate as they “seek to provide access to information in a useful format.” At your fingertips, you have limitless information your employees need access to in order to drive your organization forward.
  • How to create employees that have a mix of MIT and Mi6 intelligence that are curious and engaged, making better decisions, faster. It’s not about lowering the bar, it’s about allowing employees to win and unlocking the power of your people.