From distributed hiring and mobile to onboarding and workforce hiring analytics, Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition™ can help you streamline and optimize your organization's hiring process. This document includes eight data sheets, each detailing a valuable feature of Workforce Talent Acquisition

8 Great Reasons to Choose Workforce Talent Acquisition

There’s at least eight great reasons to choose Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition.

1. Distributed Hiring

Spend less time on hiring and more time running the business. Our vast experience in high-volume field-based hiring makes Workforce Talent Acquisition the right choice.

2. Centralized Hiring

Cater to your requisition-based candidates with a mobile application and resume parsing to save them time…and efficient requisition management tools make it easier for your recruiters to do their jobs.

3. Mobile

Apply via mobile phones and/or tablet devices — your candidates will have the convenience of applying anytime from any location.

4. Education

Kick your project off to a strong start by empowering your team and end-users with the training and information they need to be successful.

5. Integrations

Integrate with industry-leading screening providers to automatically perform a variety of information and screening checks.

5. Onboarding

Onboard your new employees much faster with an automated approach that does away with the paper chase — and the tediousness — of inefficient, manual procedures, ensuring your new recruits are on the job quickly.

7. Workforce Hiring Analytics

Give your corporate managers, field managers, and recruiters the power of real-time visibility into your hiring decisions.

8. Internal Mobility

Support your internal mobility initiatives by enabling existing employees to search and apply for open positions within your company.


Download this collection of datasheets for detailed descriptions.