There’s been a lot of buzz about employee engagement in the workplace and for good reason. Today’s organizations face changing working patterns, evolving employee expectations, and growing complexity — all of which pose significant challenges for keeping people engaged and motivated on the job. With so much at stake, are executives and HR professionals focusing adequate attention on employee engagement? What impact are prevailing tools, approaches, and practices having on workforce productivity? And how do all these factors affect overall performance and, ultimately, the bottom line?

The $687B Dollar Question: Is Employee Engagement the Driver of Business Success?

Ian Parkes, Director of Coleman Parkes Research and Joyce Maroney, Director of the Workforce Institute at Kronos, will address eye-opening research, which sheds new light on the challenges, opportunities, and costs of employee engagement — or lack thereof — at today’s organizations. They’ll discuss key findings, highlight areas for improvement, and explain the roles leadership, technology, and talent management play in optimizing workforce engagement for sustained competitive advantage. You’ll gain valuable insights into:

  • The increasing complexity of working life and the impact on employee engagement
  • The high opportunity cost of time wasted on non-job-related administrative tasks
  • How the role of HR needs to change in order to build a culture of engagement
  • Ways outdated technology is hindering employee productivity and engagement
  • Why the inability to recruit and retain skilled talent is a core business disruptor
  • Key drivers of engagement and how your organization can unburden the workforce