Companies that are making progress in the quest for service excellence realize that doing so depends on a combination of people, processes, and technology.

In a recent Aberdeen study asking service organizations what they see as the biggest opportunity for competitive differentiation, customer experience was ranked number one. Technology, when combined with people-focused processes, is a great enabler of a positive customer experience. According to the study, workforce management is the main area of technology growth for 51 percent of survey respondents. Other technologies listed include increased collaboration among service functions, emerging technologies, cloud infrastructure, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

5 Essential Technologies for Mastering Customer Experience

In this Field Technologies' Special Report, articles include:

  • Mobility is a Field Technician's Lifeline
  • Optimizing Scheduling Has Become a Necessity
  • Knowledge Management Fosters Capable, Confident Field Technicians
  • Today's Customers Expect Visibility and Self-Service Capabilities
  • IoT Enables the Shift to Predictive Service

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"Customer demands aren't getting any easier to meet. It's up to you to arm your people, clean up your processes, and enlist the use of today's technologies to stay competitive."
–Sarah Nicastro
Publisher/Editor-in-chief, Field Technologies