2020 Vision: Working in the Future of Healthcare eBook

What will workers expect in a new industry era?

Explore what digital transformation means for healthcare and learn how you can make your hospital or health system an employer of choice in the future of work.

Find out how Kronos can help you drive future of work initiatives at your organization by creating an engaging, rewarding workplace culture built on employee preferences.

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Learn about trends in schedule flexibility, work/life balance, and investment in modern technology that are helping leading organizations recruit, retain, and engage top talent. See the future of work from three healthcare perspectives — registered nurses (RN), human resources (HR), and IT professionals — to gain a comprehensive understanding of how digital transformation impacts your whole organization, and how you can support your employees’ success with technology.

Download this eBook to learn how your organization can nurture a winning culture through human capital management (HCM) technology and future-facing people strategies.