Workforce TeleStaff for Public Safety

​Proven automated scheduling for fire, EMS, police, and corrections.

A better way to manage public safety schedules and communications.

Keeping up with staffing levels amid staff and budget cuts, escalating labor costs, and complex compliance requirements at your public safety organization is challenging enough. Doing it with manual, paper-based processes makes it close to impossible. But you still need to adequately serve the community as well protect your personnel.

Workforce TeleStaff: The most reliable scheduling solution for public safety.

Workforce Telestaff for Public Safety

Fairer and more accurate personnel scheduling

With the automated tools of Kronos® Workforce TeleStaff™, you can prebuild schedules and rosters. Track employee certifications and qualifications. Automatically relay scheduling communications. You can even support different business and union rules for various departments — and know that staffing decisions are always validated against rules.

Workforce Telestaff for Public Safety

Automatic, rules-based assignment of overtime

Overtime positions are automatically assigned based on rules you configure. Employees are notified in entitlement order, and all employee overtime activity is tracked for auditing purposes.

Workforce Telestaff for Public Safety Feature 3

Integrated communication

Scheduling and communication functionality is integrated in Workforce TeleStaff, which eliminates manual phone calls and expedites scheduling. The right employees are contacted in the right order, and all communications are automatically documented.

Workforce Telestaff for Public Safety

Better emergency response

Workforce TeleStaff finds and contacts employees by phone, text, email, and inter/intranet for quick scheduling and deployment. Vacant positions are automatically backfilled. And command post scheduling can be done via the web. Workforce TeleStaff also tracks hours related to emergency response and prepopulates its built-in FEMA reporting module.

Optimize scheduling, communications, and deployment of your public safety personnel.

Workforce TeleStaff is the time-tested, proven automated scheduling solution that public safety organizations around the country rely on. Part of the Kronos Workforce Central® suite, our comprehensive workforce management platform, Workforce TeleStaff optimizes the scheduling, communications, and deployment of public safety personnel and other critical resources.

  • Control labor costs

    Allocate overtime fairly, create schedules based on demand and employee preferences, and reduce overstaffing

  • Minimize compliance risk

    Uses your unique scheduling rules and adheres to labor laws and union rules

  • Improve productivity

    Automated position, shift, and vacation bidding frees supervisors’ time and improves employee satisfaction

  • Open lines of communication

    Lets you locate, notify, and deploy the right employees for each situation