Workforce Ready Data Collection

​Capture accurate labor data from a variety of sources.

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Workforce Ready makes collecting your labor data easier than ever.

Kronos Workforce Ready® has many automatic labor data collection options that automatically capture information from a wide variety of data collection sources, including the Kronos InTouch® time clock, web entry, telephony, and mobile applications.

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Workforce Ready Data Collection

Kronos InTouch time clock

Durable, slim, and with an easy-to-mount design, the Kronos InTouch is the ideal time clock for virtually any environment. A simple touchscreen helps employees clock in quickly using a finger, proximity, or badge swipe, and provides a self-service view into schedules, time-off requests, and more.

Workforce Ready Data Collection

Web entry

Workforce Ready lets employees clock in and out for shifts or meals and perform labor transfers using an intuitive web-based interface.

Workforce Ready Data Collection


For organizations with a dispersed or mobile workforce, the Workforce Ready mobile app with geographic punch restrictions and a telephony option captures employee time data via a landline or mobile phone

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Get the most accurate labor data from anywhere.

Collect accurate labor data from a variety of sources quickly and easily with Workforce Ready.

  • Convenient

    Automatically collects data via time clock, web entry, telephony, and mobile applications

  • Simple

    User experience is streamlined and intuitive

  • Flexible

    Makes it easy for managers and employees to enter and manage labor data

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