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​Kronos tax and payment solutions for Workforce Ready.

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The easy way to manage your payroll taxes and payments.

There are more than 10,000 tax jurisdictions in the U.S. and thousands of constantly changing IRS tax regulations. Add in tight deadlines and harsh penalties for noncompliance, and achieving accurate, timely employee income tax filing becomes a daunting task. Workforce Ready Payroll Services can help.

Complete solutions that integrate seamlessly with Workforce Ready.

Workforce Ready Tax Payment

File payroll taxes with peace of mind

Seamlessly integrated with Kronos Workforce Ready® Payroll, Workforce Ready Payroll Services use quarterly updates from thousands of federal, state, and local codes to manage your compliance across multiple tax types and jurisdictions. Computation and filing errors are avoided by factoring in requirements for multi-state taxing and reciprocity, taxation wage accumulation, and withholding.

Workforce Ready Tax Payment

Streamline garnishment processes

Processing of third-party payments such as child support, tax levies, and creditor garnishments are streamlined, saving you time and money while complying consistently with different garnishment rules and processes. The system uses the information entered and calculated in Workforce Ready Payroll and automatically makes payments based on the amounts being withheld, so each payment reaches its destination on time.

Workforce Ready Tax Payment

Save time and reduce printing and distribution costs

Your entire payroll process needs to run smoothly and error-free, even at distribution. This is a stage that is often overlooked — and costly. Together with Workforce Ready Payroll, Workforce Ready Payroll Services help you eliminate the labor-intensive work of printing and distributing checks, direct deposit vouchers, and year-end tax forms such as W-2s and 1099s. Paycards give you an additional option for offloading this task while increasing payment security.

Workforce Ready Tax Payment

Maintain complete control of your taxes

For organizations preferring to control filing their own payroll taxes, Kronos partners with Business Software, Inc. (BSI) for its cloud-based payroll tax management solution. ComplianceFactory™ SaaS is an on-demand payroll tax filing, deposit, and W-2 solution. Kronos also partners with MasterTax™ to help you schedule, pay, balance, and file your payroll taxes.

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Kronos provides Workforce Ready users with complete, end-to-end solutions to perform tax filing, garnishment processing, and distribution of checks and payroll documentation.

  • Control costs

    Reduce the high costs of payroll staffing

  • Minimize payroll tax compliance risks

    Reduce compliance risk and penalties with automated, accurate processing

  • Increase productivity

    Free IT and accounting resources to increase productivity for your entire organization