Workforce Planner

A powerful scheduling solution for today's manufacturers.

Schedule the right employees at the right time to meet production targets.

Scheduling the manufacturing workforce has unique challenges, such as aligning the best-fit employees to meet production requirements, maintaining regulatory and union compliance, and balancing employee preferences with business need. With today's complex demands, existing labor scheduling processes are often inadequate — and can have negative impacts on productivity, compliance, and employee engagement.

Automated manufacturing labor scheduling drives improved employee engagement and better business outcomes.

Workforce TeleStaff for Manufacturing

Meet production goals and control labor costs while delivering a high-quality product

Workforce Planner aligns your labor schedule with planned production schedules while controlling labor costs by assigning the most qualified employees and maintaining accurate staffing levels through reduction of under-or-over staffing and unscheduled overtime.

Workforce TeleStaff for Manufacturing

Drive employee engagement and productivity

By automating complex, time-consuming scheduling processes as well as shift, vacation, and overtime bidding for fairer and more equitable schedules, you free up supervisor time. And with easy mobile access, you give your workforce more control over their schedules — leading to increased employee engagement and improved productivity.

Workforce TeleStaff for Manufacturing

Improve compliance and safety risk management

Kronos® Workforce Planner® supports your company-defined compliance rules and automatically applies those rules — making it easy for you to schedule only the most qualified person for the job; create schedules that adhere to union, HR and other organizational policies; and help to minimize employee fatigue.

Better scheduling for better manufacturing results.

Workforce Planner meets the unique staffing considerations for today's manufacturers. This powerful scheduling solution creates the ideal balance — meeting production demand while controlling costs — and providing employees with flexibility and input into their schedules, leading to increased employee engagement and productivity.

  • Focus on safety

    Ensure only qualified employees are staffed on the line

  • Enable flexibility

    Mobile access — from anywhere— for more control and input over schedules

  • Improve productivity

    Automated position, shift, and vacation bidding frees supervisors' time and boosts employee engagement