Workforce periOp Scheduler

Quality surgical care starts with accurate scheduling.

Improve employee engagement with fair and balanced real-time schedules.

Your talented team can’t deliver the quality care patients count on if there are coverage issues. Manual, paper-based staffing practices create errors and inconsistencies that can comprise patient care, compliance, and staff morale. Kronos® Workforce periOp Scheduler™ software automates complex perioperative schedules, from staff shift schedules to call schedules to daily operating room assignments.

Fair, accurate call schedules improve staff morale – and patient care.

Workforce periOp Scheduler - Streamlined scheduling

Streamlined scheduling processes increase compliance

Manual scheduling makes complying with labor laws and facility regulations difficult. Paper-based processes simply don’t cut it when it comes to ensuring perioperative staff with the right qualifications and skills are in place to deliver critical patient care. Workforce periOp Scheduler software draws from your custom staffing rules to auto-create staff, on-call, and rotation schedules that also reflect employee preferences – creating a highly engaged, compliant culture.

Workforce periOp Scheduler - mobile

Mobile access to up-to-date information keeps staff informed and engaged

In a fast-moving surgical environment, delayed schedules, shift-swaps, and time off requests can cause confusion and frustration – or worse. Workforce periOp Scheduler software provides open and efficient communication. Mobile access to real-time schedules, open shifts and vacation requests helps staff stay in-the-know anytime, anywhere.

Workforce periOp Scheduler

Automation promotes productivity – and staff satisfaction

Automating complex and time-consuming scheduling processes frees up valuable time for nurses, administrators, and other healthcare providers to focus on providing quality patient care. Workforce periOp Scheduler software integrates with your EMR and surgical scheduling systems to create a daily dashboard that provides a bird’s-eye view of everything needed to efficiently manage your operating rooms, including who is scheduled in the OR by location, specialty, and cases.

Automation and real-time visibility empower you to put patient care first.

Workforce periOp Scheduler streamlines complex perioperative scheduling processes, creating accurate schedules that properly utilize your most valuable resources – reducing scheduling issues that can lead to staff burnout and dissatisfaction.

  • Simplify complex processes

    Automation based on your staffing rules streamlines complex scheduling processes

  • Increase compliance

    Ensure staff with the right specialty and skills are in place for shifts and call coverage

  • Gain big-picture visibility

    Workforce periOp Scheduler integrates with Kronos solutions to unify your workforce management strategy

  • Boost staff engagement

    Mobile access to real-time schedules, shift swaps, and more keeps staff informed and engaged

  • Reduce burnout and fatigue

    Create schedules that honor employee preferences and ensure call distributions are fairly assigned