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Embedded analytics streamlines data interactions.

Gaining timely access to workforce information that provides valuable business insights can be difficult when legacy systems restrict access to data and its reporting. Through the Kronos D5™ platform, Workforce Dimensions™ lets you access all your data and offers powerful tools for real-time visualization and reporting.

The insight you need — when you need it.



Dataviews in Workforce Dimensions provide managers with real-time access to all operational data. Displayed in a familiar Excel-like format, Dataviews can be sorted, filtered, and grouped at any level of detail. Charts and graphs can be easily created to visualize the data, drilled down into to further analyze issues, and even exported for inclusion as tiles on your home screen or in reports.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Workforce Dimensions delivers actionable insights to managers via interactive reports that include conditional formatting to highlight where issues and opportunities exist. Ad-hoc reporting capabilities simplify data access and analysis for business users. And right out of the box, an intuitive reporting engine lets you easily build or modify standard reports.

Real-time KPIs

Real-time KPIs

Real-time KPIs help managers, HR leaders, and business analysts gain insight into their organization’s performance against business goals and objectives. They provide threshold alerts for such issues as overtime, hours worked, and labor costs. KPIs, targets, and thresholds can be easily viewed, filtered, and measured in a Dataview and visualized as an actionable chart from the home screen. And the KPI Builder lets you modify existing KPIs or create new ones.

Embedded analytics

Embedded analytics

Now embedded analytics are available to all users, not just business analysts. Real-time KPIs and proactive recommendations empower managers and reduce the need for expert analysis. With more than 125 KPIs delivered out of the box, Workforce Dimensions alerts you to existing problems and their drivers. And packaged data-science solutions leverage machine learning to address key workforce challenges such as overtime and turnover.

Unprecedented business insight made possible by industry-first technology.

When your existing systems can’t provide the data access and reporting capabilities you need for deeper business insights and better business outcomes, Workforce Dimensions delivers.

  • Control labor costs

    Dataviews provide real-time access to operational data and data-science solutions help address key workforce challenges

  • Minimize compliance risk

    Easily identify the source of problems — and build in business-critical KPIs using the KPI Builder

  • Improve workforce productivity

    Ad-hoc reporting capabilities simplify data access and Dataview drilldowns make analysis easy

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