Workforce Dimensions ACA Manager

Minimize compliance risk by proactively managing ACA guidelines for your entire workforce.

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Better manage ACA compliance to minimize your risk of potentially significant financial consequences.

Guidelines for adhering to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be complex. But managing those requirements doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right technology and tools, you can proactively manage ACA compliance for your entire workforce. Workforce Dimensions™ ACA Manager provides the integrated, automated workforce management tools that provide the necessary, in-depth information you need to comply with ACA requirements — protecting your organization from unnecessary compliance risk.

Automate ACA compliance with tools that take the proactive approach.

ACA compliance management made easier

ACA compliance management made easier

Kronos Workforce Dimensions ACA Manager simplifies the complex requirements of benefits administration, providing detailed reports and audits of HR, timekeeping, and payroll data — even helping you monitor hours for part-time employees to stay within desired levels.

Gain comprehensive visibility into ACA status

Gain comprehensive visibility into ACA status

Workforce Dimensions gives you both real-time AND historical data on your ACA status for individual employees as well as for your entire organization. Easy-to-navigate management dashboards provide the high-level insight you need for regular- and variable-hour labor pools, while also allowing you to drill down into more detail at the employee level.

Automate policy enforcement for your ACA strategy

Automate policy enforcement for your ACA strategy

With automated compliance alerts, managers are notified when an employee is scheduled for hours that would put him or her over the eligibility limit, or when an employee’s status might change from part time to full time — requiring a change in their ACA eligibility. Employees can be notified via alerts when they reach the threshold for benefits eligibility. Rules can also be set to help enforce schedules and adhere to your preferred part-time/full-time employee mix.

One unified platform for ACA process administration

One unified platform for ACA process administration

Simplify the ACA process on one unified platform, with all the tools you need — time and attendance, HR/benefits administration, and payroll. A single record for every employee allows you to streamline and automate benefits enrollment as your employees reach ACA eligibility. Employees can receive eligibility notifications containing necessary links to relevant self-service tools, allowing you to automate the enrollment process.

Automate ACA compliance to streamline processes and minimize risk.

Workforce Dimensions ACA Manager provides all the administrative and applicable reporting tools you need to proactively manage your ACA compliance strategy — for regular- and variable-hour employees — across your entire workforce.

  • Streamline processes

    One unified platform helps simplify all your ACA administrative tasks

  • Gain critical visibility

    Access reliable and critical information — during look-back and stability periods — for average hours worked by full- and part-time employees

  • Proactively manage compliance risk

    Gain peace of mind knowing your individual ACA policies and larger compliance strategy are supported and in place to help protect your employees and your organization

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