Workforce Payroll

​Reduce payroll costs, improve efficiency and control.

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Gain complete control over your payroll.

Do you have payroll leaks? Inefficient payroll software or manual processes can result in costly errors and low productivity. And if you don’t maintain compliance with FLSA requirements, union regulations, and pay rules, you risk an audit. Automated Kronos® Workforce Payroll™ provides you with tools to accomplish more while saving time and money.

Everything you need to process payroll quickly and accurately.

Workforce Payroll

Manage payroll with ease

As part of the Kronos Workforce Central® suite, Workforce Payroll integrates with Kronos Workforce HR™ and Kronos Workforce Timekeeper™ to give you a fully automated payroll solution, from collecting employees’ time data and applying pay policies to calculating payroll and printing checks. Managing payroll in-house helps you lower costs — and streamlined processes reduce errors and rework.

Workforce Payroll

Facilitate compliance

Easily create standard annual reporting forms, such as Forms 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1096, 940, 945, and more. Quarterly legislative updates help ensure every payroll process is completed correctly. Flexible point-in-time reporting delivers an accurate, anytime picture of your payroll — critical information in the event of an audit or lawsuit. And Workforce Payroll correctly allocates employee taxes and deductions and employer contributions and liabilities for accurate G/L costing.

Workforce Payroll

Improve workforce productivity, raise efficiency

Workforce Payroll completes common and complex payroll processes with automated calculation of wages, bonuses, and other compensation — and simplifies the management of taxes, deductions, withholding allocations, and accruals tracking. You can also ensure payroll accuracy with unlimited pre-audits, and show employees and regulators that every policy is being enforced fairly. Employee self-service capabilities further facilitate productivity and efficiency.

An integral part of the easy-to-own Workforce Central suite.

Workforce Payroll helps you manage all of the complex information required to accurately and efficiently administer and complete payment of wages, bonuses, and other forms of compensation.

  • Lower cost of ownership

    A single, integrated platform minimizes errors and eliminates service bureau fees

  • More consistent policy enforcement

    Centralized policy administration minimizes compliance risk

  • Reduce administrative burdens

    Automated processes and configurable workflows improve overall productivity