Workforce Budgeting

​Retail workforce management brings collaboration to operations planning.

Collaborate to create a winning sales and labor plan

What happens when corporate sales forecasts, labor plans, and budgets don't reflect the real-world staffing, scheduling, and operational needs of individual stores? This lack of collaboration makes it difficult for store and district managers to meet corporate expectations regarding productivity, improving retail customer service, and sales.

Helping align corporate planning with store execution.

Workforce Budgeting

A collaborative view lets everyone weigh in on what’s best

Bridge the gap between corporate, district, and store managers. The Kronos® Workforce Budgeting™ solution empowers a new level of collaboration, allowing district managers and corporate to develop and modify budget and labor plans together to create buy-in at all levels, aligning staffing and operational needs with corporate sales and productivity goals.

Workforce Budgeting

Historical trends present an important point of reference

Workforce Budgeting uses a powerful business and labor forecasting engine to leverage historical trends and create realistic budgets. Why guess when year-over-year trends can inform your labor planning decisions?

Workforce Budgeting

Easily plan for every what-if

Run what-if scenarios by changing labor hours, standards, and pay rates to create the best outcomes. Plus, control labor costs by using Kronos Workforce Scheduler™ to align the approved labor budget with actual employee pay rules.

Real collaboration — and better results — start here.

Workforce Budgeting provides an easy-to-use solution for your toughest collaboration challenges, giving all parties — corporate, district, and sales managers — the complete information they need to get on the same page about sales forecasts, labor plans, and budgets.

  • Unifying

    Bring corporate and district managers together to make the right business decisions

  • Team-centric

    Team-based technology means everyone has the ability to contribute to or revise planning-related content

  • Integrated

    Trusted technology simplifies integration across the organization

  • Results-orientated

    Individual stores are empowered to meet corporate expectations regarding sales, productivity, and customer service