Workforce Analytics for Healthcare

Quality patient care starts with quality workforce data.

Powerful analytics that let you put patients first.

Accurately matching labor to demand is difficult without data – as patient demand fluctuates and day-to-day staffing requirements can vary considerably, by both volume and skill set. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare helps maintain a healthy balance between cost and care, while providing the analytics necessary to reduce errors and promote more positive patient outcomes.

Creating an accountable, efficient culture – for staff and patient satisfaction.

Workforce Analytics for Healthcare

Access to real-time data has a positive effect on productivity

Increased visibility of workforce data allows managers to act faster on information. They can look during a pay period to see if they are behind targets for labor hours, overtime, and costs — and this instant access to information builds a culture of accountability. Organizations that want to create productivity-related goals for managers can count on Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ for Healthcare as a reliable productivity measurement tool.

Workforce Analytics for Healthcare

Manage in the moment

Making decisions on the fly without real-time data can critically impact your delivery of quality care. Designed specifically for Apple® iPad®, the optional Workforce Tablet Analytics app for healthcare gives managers instant access to actionable, easy-to-interpret information: View KPIs on the dashboard, drill down to specific pay or time periods, identify trends, and take corrective action. Collaborate within the app by capturing dashboard views, commenting and editing, and sharing information via email or print.

Workforce Analytics for Healthcare

Daily reporting keeps you in the know about overtime costs

With core reports available on desktop, managers can easily see incremental overtime by employee, allowing them to reduce unplanned overtime and better control labor costs. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare allows organizations to identify unplanned overtime before it has occurred and make necessary scheduling adjustments within the pay period.

Automated technology simplifies your most complex workforce challenges.

Workforce Analytics for Healthcare gives nurse managers and health system leaders workforce visibility that leads to fact-based decisions — and data that leads to improved productivity, more accountability, and a culture of quality care and staff and patient satisfaction.

  • Accountability

    Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure dashboards drive accountability and feature more than 200 healthcare-specific KPIs

  • Invaluable Insight

    In-depth reports allow operational executives and frontline managers to identify hidden trends and make fact-based decisions

  • Mobility

    Manage in the moment with full visibility and functionality on your tablet

  • Cost control

    Real-time visibility into schedules and timely workforce data reports reduce unplanned overtime and control costs