Kronos Workforce AutoTime

Time tracking, attendance, and labor management for aerospace and defense companies.

Simplify time and attendance and labor management.

Workforce AutoTime provides tools to accurately track product labor costs for work orders and projects, assess work in progress, and measure employee performance — while minimizing disruption to your employees. Our suite of tools designed for aerospace and defense companies help you maximize profitability by improving operational efficiencies and controlling labor expenses, while supporting compliance and customer requirements.

Designed for the Aerospace & Defense industry

AutoTime Feature 1

Automate complex time and attendance needs

Workforce AutoTime capabilities include automated application of complex work and pay rules for calculating payroll; support of complex schedules such as fixed, rotating, and flexible schedules including the 9/80 rule; ability to pay from labor activities; attendance point tracking, and more.

AutoTime Feature 2

Understand actual labor costs and monitor operations in real-time with integration to your ERP system

Supported by standard, validated integration with common ERP systems, Workforce AutoTime provides the ability to allocate direct and indirect labor by company-defined attributes (such as work order, cost center, task, etc.). Facilitate policies for uncompensated overtime and total time accounting. Calculate efficiency, productivity, and utilization metrics in real-time.

AutoTime Feature 3

Support compliance requirements with enhanced control

Workforce AutoTime enables tight control with real-time validation of employee data entry, automatically checks for timecard errors, and provides electronic timecard review and signature. It also delivers multi-level user security and a complete audit trail of all transactions.

Accurately track labor costs to drive efficiencies and support compliance.

Kronos Workforce AutoTime, the web-based, employee time tracking, attendance and labor management solution, is designed for meeting the complex requirements of government contracts in the aerospace and defense industry.

  • Control labor costs

    Accurate allocation and tracking of labor data results in understanding true labor costs

  • Improve productivity

    Real-time visibility into operations enables more effective decision making

  • Minimize compliance risk

    Automated time-tracking and centralized policy management mean you’re audit-ready

  • Engage your employees

    Easy-to-use tools and valuable information empower your most valuable asset – your people