UKG Clinical Scheduling Extensions

Positive patient outcomes start with an engaged and empowered staff

Automate the creation of schedules that support your mission to deliver uncompromised care.

UKG Clinical Scheduling Extensions help you create schedules designed to anticipate predicted patient volume, with consideration of employee skills, licensure, experience, and preferences. Using a rules-based engine, it supports compliance with regulatory requirements, internal policies, predefined practice standards, and contractual obligations related to staffing and scheduling of your workforce. Our powerful add-on modules to UKG workforce management solutions provide enhanced clinical functionality that quantifies workload intensity, and enables the equitable and safe distribution of the workload through automated patient-to-staff assignment — increasing both patient and employee satisfaction.

Improve the way you forecast, schedule, and deploy your workforce.

Build schedules with intelligent volume forecasts – not guesswork

Build schedules with intelligent volume forecasts – not guesswork

UKG Forecast Manager for Healthcare provides the accurate information you need to match nursing resources to actual patient flow. The result? Enhanced quality of care and higher staff morale thanks to predictable work schedules. Instead of relying on imperfect average daily census data for schedule-building, align staff to demand with real-time data based on historical volume data from ADT or patient placement systems.

Match staff supply with demand-for-care requirements

Match staff supply with demand-for-care requirements

UKG Target Intelligence for Healthcare empowers nurse leaders to make data-driven, real-time decisions about staffing needs — decisions that promote quality, cost-effective care and maximize shift-based productivity. Balance cost and quality through automated scheduling software that delivers managers the shift-based information they need to make quantified deployment decisions at every level throughout your organization.

Manage staffing with reliable, real-time level-of-care data

Manage staffing with reliable, real-time level-of-care data

UKG Workload Manager for Healthcare assists nursing leaders by matching demand for care to the clinical labor supply. This module supports compliance and equitable workload distribution by measuring each patient’s level-of-care intensity through optional integration with electronic medical records (EMRs), and quickly compiles total workload, validates staffing levels, and generates balanced, equitable patient assignments for review and approval.

Employee scheduling impacts patient outcomes

Your patients trust your organization to provide the best possible care — and that care begins with work schedules that align census, individual patient intensity, and workload levels with employee skills, certifications, preferences, and more. All of this means less time managing schedules and more time focused on delivering high-quality, cost-effective patient care.

  • Real-time visibility

    Instantly adjust inconsistent staffing levels and unplanned absences thanks to enhanced workforce visibility and reporting

  • Safe, equitable patient assignments

    Ensure appropriate nurse assignments with auto-generated, data-driven level-of-care intensity classifications for each patient

  • Productive patient care

    Maximize shift-based productivity and anticipate variances on labor hour data and actual workload metrics through real-time reporting with healthcare scheduling software

  • Empowered people

    Boost staff satisfaction with self-service and mobile-friendly scheduling software

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