Kronos webTA

Public sector time tracking, attendance, and labor management.

Time and attendance, leave management, and labor management — simplified.

Kronos® webTA™ helps support the public sector and U.S. federal government’s efficiency directives with enhanced transparency and collaboration in the collection, validation, security, and delivery of workforce information. It enables improved efficiency and accountability in workforce management workflows and productivity, and supports green initiatives through process automation that eliminates paper and facilitates telecommuting.

Supporting the public sector workforce.


Automate processes and manage efficiently

Kronos webTA completely automates and simplifies timekeeping, leave management, leave donor, and labor management processes. It enables employees to enter and validate their own time and submit it to their supervisors, who then electronically approve employee timecards. (Certified electronic time and labor reports may be viewed, but not changed, by employees, managers, and supervisors.)

webTA Feature 2

Align with objectives and processes

A commercially available, off-the-shelf system (COTS), the Kronos webTA solution is easy to implement in a manner consistent with your agency objectives and existing processes. You can also count on webTA to support a wide range of payroll, financial accounting, and compliance initiatives. These include earned value management, activity-based management, performance-based budgeting, SF-113, and OMB Circular A-123.

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Better tracking of time and attendance

Time and attendance capabilities in Kronos webTA include automatic population of timesheets from pay period to pay period when applying default employee schedules; validation of timesheets based on federal rules for pay plans, employee leave, and flexible schedules; online employee leave and premium pay requests; automated leave balance and employee timesheet updates following leave requests; and support for leave transfer programs.


Manage leave more easily and accurately

Kronos webTA helps you manage leave better with capabilities that include flexible project management options; support for macro- and micro-level project management; flexible account structures and validations, interface options with most financial management systems for providing cost management, reporting, estimates, and projections; and enhanced standard reports for easier analysis and monitoring.

Eliminates redundancy, automates processes, and increases productivity.

Kronos webTA, the web-based, employee time tracking, attendance, and labor management solution, is a state-of-the art, off-the-shelf software solution who’s core features are tested for WCAG compliance. It’s a comprehensive and widely used commercial time and attendance solution in the federal marketplace.

  • Invigorates the federal workforce

    Simplifying tasks to help employees focus on mission critical tasks.

  • Increases accuracy

    Enhances transparency in the collection, delivery, and use of workforce information

  • Improves productivity

    Enables efficiencies in workforce management workflows and personal productivity