Kronos will comply with applicable laws and regulations and respond to subpoenas and inquiries from government agencies in accordance with their validity after consultation with customers when applicable.  In the event that a customer is subject to subpoena, litigation discovery or government inquiry directed at customer data or documents that is solely within Kronos’ control, at customer’s request, Kronos will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide assistance to customer to the extent that it is technically feasible to do so.  Customer will reimburse the costs that Kronos incurs in order to provide such assistance, such as copying, delivery and other handling costs.  Subject to the above, Kronos will produce the relevant data or documents as instructed by customer.  Except at its sole discretion or if legally required to do so, Kronos will not entertain requests to store or host legacy or archived customer data or documents for these purposes.   Kronos periodically reviews all matters subject to legal hold including data that is being retained.