Third-Party Logistics

Make the most of your people to gain a competitive edge in today’s challenging 3PL market.

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Third-Party Logistics in action.

Trim costs, improve efficiencies, boost customer satisfaction.

The key to delivering more accurate orders, meeting customer deadlines more reliably, and providing value-add services for your customers is optimizing your labor.

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Track Productivity

Eric tracks changes in job or customer, allowing Jim to accurately track direct and indirect labor. Jim then redeploys resources to align capacity with demand in real time.

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Track Productivity
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Gain Real-Time Visibility

Recognizing constraint and delays or idle time, Jim reassigns employees to meet demand. He tracks and reports on labor hours by job or customer in the moment and at shift end.   

Eric clocks into a job or customer line to track hours and activity.
Jim runs report to identify labor cost per customer for that day.

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Gain Real-Time Visibility