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Control labor costs and improve client service for bottom-line results.

Why Kronos for Staffing?

Kronos® for Staffing solutions help today’s staffing organizations better manage employee time, costs, and performance. Get the automated features and high-quality information you need to control labor costs, streamline processes, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity for more competitive and profitable agency operations.


Featured Staffing customers.

Our customer base — which includes more than half the Fortune 1000® — is highly diverse and serves many organizations in your industry. With experience serving customers of all types and sizes, you can rely on Kronos to help solve your complex workforce challenges.

A product suite that’s right for your Staffing needs.

The key to business success today starts with recruiting and retaining great people. Kronos provides a suite of products specially designed to help you create a highly engaged workforce to drive better business results. Check out our wide range of products designed specifically for your organization’s size, industry, and goals.