Better cost control means more funds to support your nonprofit’s programs and services.

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Manage costs better and reallocate the savings to your cause.

Fulfilling your nonprofit’s mission successfully starts with cost-controlling tools that help you support quality programs to those who depend on them every day.

  • Human Resources Director

    Maria ,

    Human Resources Director
  • Camp Counselor

    Ethan ,

    Camp Counselor
8:30 a.m.
Analog Clock Face

Create a Safe Environment

Ethan is hired as a summer camp counselor. Maria checks to make sure all of his certifications and licenses are up to date.

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Create a Safe Environment
9:15 a.m.
Analog Clock Face

Ensure Budget Accuracy

Ethan is working at a children’s program downtown this morning and directing another program elsewhere this afternoon. Leveraging position management tools, Maria allocates his time to the correct location, program, and cost center for budgeting.   
Ethan clocks in from remote location.
Maria gets a notification and can approve from her mobile device.


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Ensure Budget Accuracy