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Better cost control means more funds to support your nonprofit’s mission.

Why Kronos for Nonprofits?

Kronos® for Nonprofits offers easy-to-use, easy-to-own solutions that help not-for-profit organizations control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and have quality interactions with their clients and communities. We help you manage costs so you can invest more of your limited funding and resources into supporting your critical services, programs, or important cause.

Nonprofits Industry Overview

Featured Nonprofits customers.

Our customer base — which includes more than 2,000 government agencies — is highly diverse and serves many organizations in your industry. With experience serving customers of all types and sizes, you can rely on Kronos to help solve your complex workforce challenges.

A product suite that’s right for your Nonprofit’s needs.

The key to business success today starts with recruiting and retaining great people. Kronos provides a suite of products specially designed to help you create a highly engaged workforce to drive better business results. Check out our wide range of products designed specifically for your organization’s size, industry, and goals.