Non-Acute Care Settings

Build an empowered, informed workforce that delivers consistent quality care.

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Non-Acute Care Settings in action.

Empower and engage your employees with mobile and employee self-service.

Delivering exceptional patient care starts with empowering your employees with real-time access to their work data.

  • HR Manager

    Michael ,

    HR Manager
  • Lab Technician

    Matt ,

    Lab Technician
3 months after start date
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Check Employee Accruals

Matt, a lab technician employed at the outpatient clinic, wants to view accrued time off from his mobile device.

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Check Employee Accruals
In just moments
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Request Time Off

Matt reviews his PTO on his phone and requests time off. Michael, the HR manager, receives the request and is able to quickly respond.

Michael approves time off.
Matt gets notification of PTO approval.

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See how with Workforce Dimensions TImekeeping