Cultivating Change in K-12 Schools

Cultivating Change in K-12 Schools

While workforce management solutions can deliver measurable efficiency, productivity, and visibility benefits to K-12 schools, integrating this technology in the daily lives of district employees can be a significant culture change.

Get best-practice recommendations for managing change, driving a smooth implementation, and maximizing user adoption of your workforce management system.

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Spend less time on administrative processes and more on academics and programs.

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Lower costs and increase efficiency while improving student outcomes.

Kronos® has the tools your school district needs to manage your employees more efficiently and cost-effectively so you can reinvest the savings into student success.

  • Caryn

    Caryn ,

  • Mallory

    Mallory ,

Easy input
Analog Clock Face

Simplify Grant Tracking

Mallory works “extra duty” conducting an after-school program funded by a federal grant. On the time clock, she selects the correct labor level so the job tracks to the grant.

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Simplify Grant Tracking
ID hours
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Create More Accurate Reports

Caryn pulls Mallory’s report and identifies all of the hours associated with the after-school program to include in her report to the finance office.

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Create More Accurate Reports