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Turn your contact center into a profit center with a better people management strategy.

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Contact Centers in action.

Hire and retain the best agents to deliver the best customer service.

Establish relevant and uniform policies for your agents, streamline and automate critical workforce processes, and uphold labor compliance standards — all with one centralized agent record.

  • Supervisor

    Michelle ,

  • Agent

    Dan ,

Clock In
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Track All Time Worked

Dan clocks in and can automatically track his time, both on- and off-switch. The data is centralized, integrated with contact center systems, and reported to stakeholders for analysis and compliance. 

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Track All Time Worked
Call Out
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Identify Patterns and Trends

Michelle generates relevant, automated reports showing trends or peaks in agent absences. These help plan workload, drive scheduling decisions, and guide actionable attendance policies.

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Identify Patterns and Trends