Perioperative staff at the University Medical Center (UMC) in Lubbock, Texas, a public hospital with 412 patient beds, signed up for schedules on clipboards. Coordinators spent hours chasing down OR staff to sign up for call. Administrative staff typed up and posted paper schedules daily. If employees agreed to swap shifts or call coverage, a coordinator filled out a form, but if the form didn’t reach administrative staff, the posted schedule was incorrect, creating confusion when those called weren’t truly on call. Paper scheduling in the operating room made complying with organizational policies and rest periods challenging. Vacation requests were emailed, and approved requests were entered into a system that provided no access to employees when at home.

What University Medical Center needed was a solution that could:

  • Provide staff with easy access to real-time call schedules and vacation schedules from anywhere
  • Deliver mobile access to schedules and assignments to enable OR staff to prepare for the next day’s work
  • Ensure regular and on-call schedules include recommended rest periods to reduce staff fatigue
“Since implementing Workforce periOp Scheduler, we’ve seen our employee satisfaction scores increase from 83% to 96%. This is the highest scores our department has ever had.”

Adria Renegar, MSN, RN, CNOR
Director of Operating Room Services


Using the Workforce periOp Scheduler™ solution to schedule OR staff for regular and call shifts, University Medical Center has seen increased administrative productivity, improved compliance with rest break requirements, and enhanced employee engagement.

Workforce periOp Scheduler

  • Create and manage complex perioperative staff schedules, call schedules, and daily OR assignments
  • Give managers visibility into on-call staff availability for real-time information to manage the OR safely and efficiently
  • Ensure OR staff with the right skills are at the right locations at the right times to comply with OR coverage requirements
  • Optimize work-life balance, reducing staff burnout and fatigue
  • Provide staff with visibility into the latest schedules, call assignments, and next-day cases
  • Empower staff to view their schedules, swap shifts, trade call shifts, and submit and respond to time-off requests at anytime, anywhere


Administrative time spent scheduling perioperative staff for regular shifts, call shifts, and vacation time has been reduced and the process streamlined. Workforce periOp Scheduler provides open and efficient communication and mobile access to real-time on-call schedules, open shifts, and vacation requests, helping staff stay in-the-know. In the solution, schedulers drag and drop the names of personnel into specific surgical suites and cases. By providing advance notice of scheduled cases and staff assignments, staff members have ample time to prepare for their scheduled next-day assignments. Real-time visibility into scheduling information supports staff satisfaction and preparation — enhancing patient care and safety. Access to scheduling data also makes it easier to see if staff members are taking needed rest breaks between shifts, reducing staff fatigue and, ultimately, improving patient safety.


with employees’ anytime, anywhere
access to scheduling information


and proactive staff planning with
advance notice of scheduled cases