University of Illinois Health, part of the University of Illinois at Chicago, employs 5,500 people at its 462-bed hospital and 21 outpatient clinics. Managing this number of employees across these locations with 80 different systems created issues. UI Health used multiple timekeeping and scheduling systems and a separate leave management system, none of which interfaced with each other or with the organization's core HR solution. This situation challenged UI Health managers in easily accessing workforce data for effective management and timely, informed decisions. A lack of forecasting and real-time data made aligning staff assignments with patient workload across the organization challenging, leading to overstaffing and understaffing, which impacted labor costs and employee engagement. Staff also couldn't see their timecards until they received their paychecks, further impacting engagement.

University of Illinois Health needed a solution that could:

  • Deliver a single, unified system that provides basic and advanced scheduling, timekeeping, and leave administration and that integrates all information for one source of truth
  • Interface with UI Health's core HR system for employee records, send staff schedules to its Epic EHR solution, and export employee hours to the payroll system
  • Provide employees with mobile functionality for self-scheduling and time-off requests — and self-service access to their timekeeping and pay information — to improve recruiting, retaining, and engaging employees
  • Deliver visibility into real-time data to enable managers to better schedule and manage their staff and labor costs
  • Offer embedded operational analytics to aid managers at all levels in making informed decisions
"Employees love the transparency of seeing their timecard before it's submitted to payroll, and they like using the mobile app to access their schedule, request time off, and pick up open shifts — all from their phone."

Katie Peters
Interim Assistant of Operations and Human Resources


To leverage the benefits of using a single, unified solution, UI Health implemented the UKG Dimensions™ scheduling and timekeeping solutions, which interface with the organization's core HR and Epic EHR systems.

UKG Dimensions Scheduling

  • Align staff coverage with fluctuating patient demand, minimize wasteful overstaffing, and avoid unplanned overtime costs
  • Enable employees to identify shift preferences and availability — and easily swap shifts
  • Ensure employees get enough rest between and during shifts to avoid burnout

UKG Dimensions Timekeeping

  • Easily view timecards and see exceptions such as missing, early-in, and late-out punches
  • Ensure fewer payroll errors with ways to view accruals, weekly totals, exceptions, and transfers all in one place
  • Increase labor-costing accuracy, strengthen auditability, and reduce off-cycle paychecks
  • Increase employee engagement as employees complete timecard tasks quickly on their mobile devices


UI Health deployed the advanced scheduling solution first with all inpatient nursing units and then with the respiratory therapy and admitting departments, with further deployments planned. Unit managers have real-time data and reports at their fingertips, helping them align staffing with changing patient workloads. During the pandemic, the central staffing office has used UKG Dimensions to redeploy staff throughout the organization to address shifting patient volume, and department managers can see the names of reassigned staff on updated department schedules. The solution has helped minimize overstaffing and understaffing and reduced labor costs, including for overtime and supplemental pay. Staff members enjoy using the mobile app to view their schedules and self-schedule, make shift swaps, pick up open shifts, request time off, and see their timecards before payroll processing — benefits that are improving staff satisfaction, engagement, retention, and productivity.


with access to real-time data to better
align schedules with patient workload


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schedules, pay, and time-off requests