At 60-plus locations in Florida, Suncoast Credit Union focuses on meeting members’ financial needs in a timely and efficient manner. Suncoast used a paper sign-in process for members needing assistance with accounts or loan applications, which created member service issues and provided little information on member and staff performance metrics. The credit union wanted to easily and accurately track member wait times, determine employee efficiency when assisting members, and gain insight into member abandon rates, with the goal to strengthen member satisfaction.

Suncoast Credit Union needed a solution that could:

  • Enable members (both Spanish and non-Spanish speakers) to sign in electronically at a branch when needing to see a service representative
  • Notify key branch staff when a credit union member has been waiting longer than usual to see a representative
  • Track and report on member wait times and member walkout rates
  • Provide employee performance data, such as the number of members seen per day, assist times per product or service, and number of sales
“Kronos Customer Connection Solution has become a critical piece of our operating model and part of the reason we are able to achieve industry-leading member satisfaction scores. The gains in employee productivity and reduced abandon rates have helped us achieve significant gains in loan opportunities and member service.”

SVP/Service Center Operations


Wanting to provide an excellent member experience, Suncoast Credit Union implemented the Kronos Customer Connection Solution – Sales & Service Module to track member wait times, alert managers about wait-time issues, and actively use detailed staff performance management information to optimize delivery of services.

Kronos Customer Connection Solution – Sales & Service Module

  • Manages account holder sign-ins and total wait times on a computer, tablet, or kiosk, including Spanish translations
  • Enables account holders to check lobby wait times on their financial institution’s website or mobile app
  • Alerts critical staff members when member wait-time thresholds are not being met
  • Provides targeted employee coaching on products and service interactions through detailed analytics


Using Kronos Customer Connection Solution – Sales & Service Module, Suncoast Credit Union has improved member service and staff performance through an enhanced service process and actionable reporting. Using this tool, in conjunction with supplemental training, the credit union has experienced significant gains in loan opportunities and employee productivity. At the end of the first year, 2,220 more loans were processed in the final month compared to that of the prior year, an increase of 20 percent, while assistance time decreased 10 percent. This three-minute assist-time reduction in loans saved approximately 600 staff hours. A comparison of member abandon rates during these same periods shows 340 fewer branch abandons. Suncoast’s member loyalty Net Promoter Score® is also an industry-leading 80 percent.

80% NET

industry-leading member loyalty
score seen with Kronos Customer Connection Solution


while loan assist time spent
with members decreased 10%