St. Joseph's Health, a member of Trinity Health and a non-profit regional healthcare system that serves patients in central and northern New York, used numerous disparate systems, including a homegrown scheduling system that staff could access only while at work. The system also wasn't integrated with St. Joseph's timekeeping solution, enabling no easy analysis of workforce data. Decentralized staffing policies resulted in inconsistent application of policies among units, and ensuring meal breaks compliance was challenging.

What St. Joseph's Health needed was a solution that could:

  • Integrate scheduling and other workforce management processes into one database for a unified solution
  • Help ensure consistent application of all staffing policies and protocols across the organization
  • Provide analytics data to give managers insight into workforce planning, productivity, and cost containment
  • Monitor compliance with meal and rest break rules through staff attestation functionality
"[Our Kronos solution] is the tool and technology that allows us to build rigor in our workforce management strategies. … Using analytics allows us to make better, more informed, real-time decisions that are fact-based decisions."

Erika Duncan, CHRO
Trinity Health


St. Joseph's Health, a long-time Kronos® timekeeping customer, decided to upgrade its solution and move it into the Kronos cloud while adding additional Kronos workforce management functionality to increase operational efficiencies and achieve greater insight to optimize scheduling and productivity, better manage labor costs, improve compliance, and enhance employee engagement.

Workforce Scheduler

  • Create schedules that comply with staffing requirements, collective agreements, and labor law regulations
  • Optimize schedules by aligning the right employees with the right skills at the right locations and times
  • Increase employee engagement through more control of their schedules, including self-service tools for filling open shifts and swapping shifts

Workforce Analytics for Healthcare

  • Gain a single view of reliable workforce data and access comprehensive reports for informed decision making
  • Manage in the moment with visibility into real-time performance indicators that helps you see and understand labor issues
  • Audit workforce data to see similar patterns across the organization and pursue opportunities for improvement

Kronos Attestation Tool Kit

  • Provide meal and break documentation through employee self-service tools that capture whether employees took required meals and breaks
  • Enable employees to view and approve or reject timecard changes and totals at the time clock before manager approvals
  • Access actionable data to improve adherence to policies to minimize compliance risk


A centralized, user-friendly workforce management solution has created time savings for managers and payroll staff and increased employee autonomy. Managers have easy access to schedules and real-time workforce analytics, enabling them to optimize staffing, see trends, and better manage overtime. HR spends less time on timecard reconciliation, producing more accurate paychecks, and also uses analytics to provide strategic support. Attestation functionality helps ensure employees are taking meal breaks in accordance with compliance rules. The mobile app uses geofencing, so employees can clock in or out from their smartphones. They also can access their schedules, see their timecards, request shifts, and swap shifts from anywhere, which enhances employee engagement.

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