At 81 locations throughout South Carolina, Spinx operates convenience stores with a special focus on high-quality made-to-order meals for takeout or inside dining. With 1,400 associates, 70 percent of whom work part time, Spinx found using manual processes and paper schedules a significant challenge when scheduling staff with the right skills at the right times to meet fluctuating customer traffic. Since food service is a competitive differentiator and a key part of Spinx’s business, which is known for the best fried chicken in South Carolina, the company needs to ensure associates with the right skill sets are scheduled to provide an excellent customer experience that drives brand loyalty and greater profit margins.

What Spinx needed was a solution that could:

  • Forecast customer traffic throughout the year to help align staffing to customer needs
  • Schedule the right number of staff with the right skills at the right times and places
  • Give store managers a real-time view of workforce data to help them stay within budget
  • Provide HR functionality that supports hiring and retaining best-fit associates and maintaining compliance with employment regulations
“Kronos has helped us understand the needs of the business at different times to make sure we have the right people there to prepare food items. Before, we didn’t realize how many people or the speed of service we really needed to serve customers.”

Troy Hulehan
Operations Controller


Using fully automated Kronos solutions, Spinx has streamlined human capital management processes and gained visibility into real-time data to schedule staff appropriately, increase productivity, better manage labor costs, improve employee engagement, make data-driven business decisions, and mitigate compliance issues.

Workforce Scheduler

  • Create schedules that comply with staffing requirements, employee preferences , and labor law regulations
  • Optimize schedules by aligning the right staff with the right skills at the right locations and times
  • Increase employee engagement with better control of their schedules, including self-service tools for swapping shifts and requesting time off

Workforce Analytics

  • Gain a single view of reliable workforce data and access comprehensive reports for informed decision making
  • Manage in the moment with visibility into real-time performance information that helps you see and understand labor issues
  • Audit workforce data to see similar patterns across the organization and pursue opportunities for improvement

Workforce Ready HR

  • Boost employee productivity and engagement by effectively hiring, managing, developing, and retaining best-fit employees
  • Increase efficiency with paperless and streamlined HR processes and self-service tools that ease administering benefits, onboarding, and managing employee information
  • Improve administrative accuracy by reducing errors and ensuring consistency with a single system for all employee records and HR functions
  • Engage in proactive compliance with changing labor laws and regulations, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)


Forecasting functionality enables managers to anticipate expected customer numbers and in-store purchase activity each week, so they can schedule the right associates with the right skills for the right times and places. Schedules are created weeks in advance — a benefit to part-time associates who can plan around their schedules — and schedules are so well optimized that little shift swapping occurs. Associates enjoy using the mobile app to check their schedules, enhancing their engagement. Using a solution dashboard, managers can see in real time how their stores are operating relative to budget, and weekly analytics reports provide actionable insight. Evidence of an improved customer experience is seen in stores’ increased mystery shopper and customer scores.


real-time view of store labor costs
helps managers stay within budget


scheduling right staff at right time
helps stores meet customers’ needs