Servicon Systems is a janitorial and facilities maintenance services provider that serves a range of industries, including aerospace and healthcare. At large client sites, 80 to 100 workers might wait in line to clock in and out and then walk 15 to 20 minutes to their job site, diminishing productivity. Using a timekeeping system that was separate from its payroll and HR systems created extra work for Servicon's payroll staff to ensure timely and accurate payroll. With the company's paper-based billing process, work orders were scanned or faxed to the director of facilities solutions, who spent two days per month ensuring time was charged to the right client and for the right day. Potential errors were always a concern.

What Servicon Systems needed was a solution that could:

  • Offer mobile functionality to reduce time needed to punch in and out while ensuring employees were actually at the work site
  • Provide an efficient and accurate way for employees to track their time working on one or multiple tasks at a client site
  • Streamline payroll processing and client invoicing — freeing up managers to oversee employees' work — while making sure employees are paid accurately for their time
  • Help ensure compliance with all state and federal labor laws, including employees taking required meal and other breaks
"[Kronos] took the time to understand our business, our people, our challenges, what our work means to our customers, and how their part of that impacts it. And we do the same with our clients. When a partnership really works is when you really understand each other's business and how you can make it more successful."

Laurie Sewell
President & CEO


Servicon Systems implemented a Kronos solution for use by its 1,500 employees — both union and nonunion workers — to increase managers' time with workers, improve productivity, better control labor costs, mitigate compliance risk, and increase employee engagement.

Kronos Workforce Ready Time Keeping

  • Streamline time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information and conversion of worked hours to payroll
  • Apply user-defined pay and work rules to help improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk
  • Improve employee engagement through real-time access to time and attendance and accrual information

Kronos Workforce Ready Mobile

  • Achieve the visibility and mobile capability the workforce needs to clock in and out using GPS coordinates, change cost centers, and complete labor transfers
  • Submit timesheets and time-off requests and view schedules, accrual balances, and pay statements at any time and location
  • Remotely approve time-off and leave requests, approve timesheets, and view workforce reports from anywhere

Workforce Ready HR

  • Boost employee productivity and engagement by effectively hiring, managing, developing, and retaining great employees
  • Increase efficiency with paperless and streamlined HR processes and self-service tools that ease administering benefits, onboarding, and managing employee information
  • Improve administrative accuracy by reducing errors and ensuring consistency with a single system for all employee records and HR functions
  • Engage in proactive compliance with changing labor laws and regulations, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)


When out at a job site, Servicon Systems employees use the solution's mobile app to select a work project's purchase order or internal charge number and punch in, punching out when they're done and then moving on to the next task. The app's geofencing functionality ensures employees are on-site when punching in and out. Having this information in the system streamlines payroll processing and invoicing clients — saving huge amounts of time — and ensures the information is accurate. Real-time data visibility helps managers track project hours to budget and assists in forecasting future hours required to complete a job. Employees also use the mobile app to see their benefits and training expiration dates, view their vacation and sick time balances, switch shifts, and request time off, enhancing their engagement through 24/7 access to information.


for payroll processing, freeing up
time for more strategic activities


to review employee time on projects
before information is sent to billing