San Juan School District in Utah used paper timecards to track the attendance of exempt staff and the time of hourly employees. The unvarying hours and time of nonexempt employees created questions about the accuracy of employee time recorded on timecards. Of the district's $42 million annual budget, about $12 million is funded by grants, including grants specific to Native American students and numerous federal education program grants. The district decided it needed a modern workforce management solution that could provide real-time data that would enable administrators and managers to more effectively manage employees and provide an accurate accounting of employee time, including time devoted to grant-funded programs.

What the San Juan School District needed was a solution that could:

  • Provide accurate time for hourly employees to ensure they are paid for actual time worked
  • Track and allocate employees' extra-duty time to the correct assignment and funding source
  • Provide administrators with real-time visibility into their employees' time
  • Record and keep audit trail of labor used for grant-funded programs and activities
  • Deliver reporting of real-time data to support informed decisions
"There are different federal programs and funding sources that we utilize Kronos for extensively to track different employees, payments, stipends, equipment, and supplies. It's used daily to help us reconcile and account for those dollars individually."

Kyle Hosler
Business Administrator


The San Juan School District has all of its 900 regular employees — teachers, administrators, classified employees, and hourly staff — and substitute teachers using a Kronos workforce management solution to increase accountability, improve productivity, control labor costs, and mitigate compliance. The solution interfaces with the HR, accounting, and payroll solution Alio.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track and manage employee time and attendance to reduce payroll and leave inflation and manual errors
  • Gain insight into approaching overtime to better control labor costs
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements

Workforce Accruals

  • Control labor costs by accurately calculating and tracking time-off accruals
  • Automatically enforce organization-specific accrual policies to support compliance and impartial treatment of employees
  • Speed and simplify time-off requests and approvals with visibility into each employee's current accrual balance


Implementation of the solution delivered data that confirmed the district's concern about attendance and tardiness issues. Administrators and managers are now able to quickly spot and rectify these issues. Employee time spent working in state and federal grant-funded programs is automatically tracked and assigned to the correct program budget. The school district also uses its Kronos solution to easily track extra-duty time, such as teachers working in after-school programs and hourly librarians providing instruction after school. Reporting gives managers timely access to key report information, such as overtime to help with labor cost control and budgeting, teacher in-classroom time and out-of-classroom time for training and in-service activities, and monthly flex time hours of salaried career-classified employees. The district's solution managers also have found the Kronos Community and support services extremely helpful and valuable.


with employee time accurately tracked
and access to real-time attendance data


with employee time automatically
tied to the right grant-funded programs