San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority (SFMTA) oversees myriad modes of public transportation for upwards of 90,000 people daily and manages 250 school crossing guards at 130 sites. Before and after their twice-daily shifts, crossing guards went into a school to record their hours on paper timesheets. Each Friday, timesheets were faxed to the MTA office, where illegible time entries and data-entry errors created payroll accuracy issues. Managers drove around the school district to see whether the required number of school crossing guards were at each location. If a crossing guard was missing, the manager called headquarters to send a replacement, creating delays and compliance issues.

What San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority needed was a solution that could:

  • Capture the time of employees in the field through a mobile application with geo-fencing functionality and help eliminate payroll errors
  • Alert MTA managers when assigned crossing guards have not clocked in to work and enable fast deployment of replacements to mitigate compliance issues
  • Enable employees to view their schedules, time worked, and accrued time on mobile devices or time clocks
  • Provide managers with a real-time view of employee time worked
  • Streamline tracking and reporting of grant-related crossing-guard assignments
“The California PUC regulations govern the number of school crossing guards per number of students in a school and the density of the district. These are tight regulatory requirements that we have to comply with and Workforce Ready helps us manage this much better. It’s been extremely helpful.”

Mike Keohane
Compensation and Payroll Manager


SFMTA, with the approval of its union, chose the Kronos Workforce Ready® human capital management solution and utilizes its intuitive mobile timekeeping application with its crossing guards and transit employees working remotely. The Kronos solution interfaces with SFMTA’s PeopleSoft solution, enabling the smooth bidirectional transfer of employee information.

Workforce Ready Time Keeping

  • Streamline time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information and conversion of worked hours to payroll
  • Apply user-defined pay and work rules to help improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk
  • Gain insight into approaching overtime to better manage labor costs
  • Improve employee engagement through real-time access to time and attendance information

Workforce Ready Mobile

  • Enable employees working remotely to punch in/out with GPS coordinates
  • Empower employees to view their schedules and timecards on mobile devices
  • Track time to specific cost centers via labor-level transfers


School crossing guards now punch in and out on their smartphones at their assigned crossing locations, with GPS technology corroborating their location. When a crossing guard hasn’t punched in, managers receive an alert, speeding deployment of a replacement. Whether crossing guards are working during schools hours or crossing pedestrians during a parade or private event, the solution assigns their time to the correct grant or cost center. Transit operations and maintenance employees also are now using department-issued mobile devices to track their time. Mobile time reporting shows actual employee hours in real time, has streamlined the payroll process, and has virtually eliminated payroll errors.


and great ease of use for field
staff using mobile timekeeping app


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and elimination of paper timekeeping