San Diego Lifeguards, a division of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, oversees public safety along 20 miles of oceanfront in addition to Mission Bay, performing law enforcement and rescue duties. The division had been using a Kronos® TeleStaff™ solution on an on-site server to schedule its 100 full-time professionals for regular duty, special events, and emergency callbacks. The City’s IT staff was overworked in maintaining the wide array of technology solutions and equipment used by all departments, and budgeting for equipment replacement was an issue.

What San Diego Lifeguards needed was a solution that could:

  • Automatically schedule and adjust staff — based on qualifications — to meet evolving needs for regular duty, special events, training, and callbacks
  • Communicate quickly and easily with staff via phone calls and text messaging about overtime opportunities and emergency callbacks — and provide an audit trail of communication
  • Ensure schedules comply with collective bargaining agreements and department policies
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to scheduling information on mobile devices and computers
  • Reside in the cloud and deliver automatic upgrades to free up IT staff time
“Going to Kronos Workforce TeleStaff in the cloud eliminated our reliance on hardware and our own IT people and budgeting for replacement hardware. The cloud environment is a complete game changer. We just manage the system through an internet connection from any mobile device or computer from anywhere.”

Andy Lerum
Marine Safety Lieutenant


Acknowledging that the cloud environment was the future, San Diego Lifeguards moved to the Kronos Workforce TeleStaff™ solution in the cloud for all scheduling, creating a multi-year budgeting plan to complete the upgrade. Scheduling of public safety personnel is optimized according to collective bargaining agreements, overtime assignments are equitable, communication is improved, and compliance is maintained.

Workforce TeleStaff

  • Create fair, equitable schedules that comply with union, HR, and other organization rules and policies
  • Ensure qualified and available employees are scheduled based on certification requirements
  • Apply rules-based overtime assignments in order of entitlement and provide audit tracking
  • Make outbound calls to fill open shifts — according to each position’s required qualifications — in minutes instead of hours
  • Relay scheduling communications and document all communications

Workforce TeleStaff Bidding

  • Reduce time spent filling shifts, positions, and posts and allocating vacation time and overtime
  • Give employees greater flexibility and control over their schedules, off-duty work, and vacation preferences, improving morale and job satisfaction
  • Track bidding easily during the bidding process and ensure fair, equitable staffing

Compliance Tools

  • Follow built-in collective bargaining agreement rules for consistent application across the department
  • Help ensure equitable overtime assignments according to union rules


San Diego Lifeguards completed the solution upgrade in phases, running the solutions simultaneously as staff was trained on the upgrade. The move to the cloud-based solution has eliminated IT staff time needed to perform upgrades and maintain a separate server. The reliability and speed of the cloud solution provides tremendous peace of mind. Two scheduling staffers take turns completing schedules, with daily adjustments easily made on a mobile device. Most employees also use a mobile device to view their schedules, call in sick, request time off, and switch shifts. The solution tracks all communication, virtually eliminating complaints about inequitable overtime awards.


available with automatic upgrades
provided by cloud-based solution


of employees with anytime, anywhere
schedule access via mobile devices