A distributor of convenience store merchandise and food service items in the Midwest, S. Abraham & Sons (SAS) has encountered a tight labor market. Exacerbating this situation, hiring and onboarding each new employee could take two-plus hours. SAS had been using a homegrown human capital management system before moving to an automated solution, but this new solution lacked needed functionality. SAS ran both systems, which required dual data entry and resulted in pay rate entry and other errors that required correcting. HR staff needed three days to process payroll. SAS tracked employee vacation and paid time off (PTO) on spreadsheets, but employees sometimes took time they hadn't earned. Attendance points were tracked on individual calendars, and attendance warning letters were created manually — both time-consuming tasks. SAS found using the automated solution to run timely reports in an acceptable format was nearly impossible. The company decided it needed a new solution.

What the SAS needed was a solution that could:

  • Streamline and improve talent acquisition and onboarding of new hires
  • Correctly apply pay rates for each position and yearly step increases
  • Accurately track employees' accrued time and enable approval of PTO requests only if accrued time is available
  • Automate tracking of employees' attendance points and creation of attendance warning letters
  • Create and automate delivery of timely workforce data reports in multiple formats
"It [Kronos] has definitely reduced our errors, there's cost savings from a payroll standpoint, and HR has more time to devote to employees vs. systems. The payroll processing error rate has come down drastically."

John Reinke
Vice President of HR


SAS selected the Kronos Workforce Ready® full suite of human capital management solutions to enhance employee engagement, improve productivity, better manage labor costs, and mitigate compliance risk across its 500-employee workforce in its warehouses and offices and out on the road.

Kronos Workforce Ready HR

  • Boost employee productivity and engagement by effectively hiring, managing, developing, and retaining best-fit employees
  • Increase efficiency with paperless and streamlined HR processes and self-service tools that ease administering benefits, onboarding, and managing employee information
  • Improve administrative accuracy by reducing errors and ensuring consistency with a single system for all employee records and HR functions
  • Engage in proactive compliance with changing labor laws and regulations, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Kronos Workforce Ready Time Keeping

  • Streamline time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information and conversion of worked hours to payroll
  • Apply user-defined pay and work rules to help improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk
  • Gain insight into approaching overtime to better manage labor costs
  • Improve employee engagement through real-time access to time and attendance and accrual information

Kronos Workforce Ready Accruals

  • Control labor costs by accurately calculating and tracking time-off accruals
  • Automatically enforce organization-specific accrual policies to support compliance and impartial treatment of employees
  • Speed and simplify time-off requests and approvals with instant visibility into each employee's current accrual balance
  • Facilitate responsible usage of time-off benefits to minimize impact on schedules


With recruitment and new-hire onboarding activities streamlined and completed in SAS's Kronos solution online, new employees can get on the job quickly and HR staff is saving valuable time. Pay rates are tied to specific jobs in the solution, which automatically adjusts pay rate steps yearly — even when employees move to a new position — eliminating payroll errors. Employee attendance points are tracked in the solution, which automatically generates attendance warning letters for managers to sign. PTO is correctly accrued and granted now, and employees like using the mobile app to request time off. Using the app, managers can approve PTO requests from anywhere. Every Sunday a PTO report is automatically emailed to managers, who also receive automated reminders about employees' equipment operation and DOT license renewal dates.


with pay rates for specific jobs and
step increases built into the solution


gives managers timely workforce data
needed to make informed decisions