Precor, a manufacturer of fitness equipment such as treadmills and elliptical machines, had been using a Kronos workforce management solution to track time and attendance. Its 700 employees clocked in and out at biometric timeclocks on-site and logged in and out of the solution on a PC to submit time-off requests and view accrual balances. Such procedures interrupted workflow processes for employees, reducing productivity and engagement. Managers were using the solution in a similar way, spending significant time reviewing employee time, responding to time-off requests, and managing timecard exceptions, reducing their time overseeing production as they navigated in and out of the system.

Precor needed a solution that could:

  • Offer functionality to streamline managers' workforce management duties, such as reviewing time and attendance information and managing employee time off in an easily accessible environment
  • Create a better employee experience by offering the latest technology with a best-in-class user experience, while allowing them to easily access their timecards
"When we saw the Outlook Add-In with Workforce Dimensions, we really liked it. Employees can use Kronos directly from Outlook without having to go to the application, and managers can access and manage tasks, such as time-off requests, more quickly. It's easy to use and saves our employees time."

Kim Abel
Payroll and Kronos Administrator


Precor became an early adopter of the cloud-based Workforce Dimensions™ suite from Kronos® as the extensible platform has enabled the company to build a technology ecosystem — starting first with the Microsoft Outlook Add-In. Using the integrated solution, Precor is able to streamline workflows to increase productivity and create a better employee experience.

Workforce Dimensions™ Platform Extensibility

  • Utilize a flexible API structure to help develop secure, scalable, and high-performance integrations with critical business applications
  • Build a technology ecosystem by leveraging a plethora of technology partners via the Kronos Marketplace, including Microsoft Outlook
  • Access personalized and actionable operational analytics data for all employees so they can confidently take action and make smarter business decisions


Leveraging access to Workforce Dimensions directly from Outlook is streamlining Precor's workforce management processes. Employees can access the Kronos solution in Outlook, making it easy for them to clock in, approve their timecards, and request time off. Managers enjoy a more streamlined workflow with the integration, reviewing time and attendance information and managing employee time-off requests in Outlook. Managers also have access to labor data in a user-friendly, consumable format to enable better business decisions. The result is a simple and seamless user experience, time savings, greater productivity, and enhanced engagement.


have found the Outlook Add-In
somewhat to very helpful


say the Outlook Add-In has
helped reduce timecard exceptions