Pace University employs 3,200 people at multiple campuses in greater New York City and found its manual workforce management processes time consuming and error-prone. Timesheets moved slowly through departments for approval, calculation, recalculation, and data entry, resulting in late paychecks. Managers incorrectly applied overtime rules and made inaccurate leave calculations, leading to overtime overpayments, creating compliance issues, and making leave liability difficult to calculate.

What Pace University needed was a solution that could:

  • Automate timekeeping to streamline payroll processing and eliminate late paychecks
  • Apply wide-ranging pay rules to ensure employees are correctly paid
  • Accurately calculate overtime to eliminate inflated overtime expenditures
  • Provide accurate leave balances and fast leave liability reporting
“I like that Kronos technology can transform the way we do business. It makes it easier, so we can spend time doing the things we need to do, instead of data entry.”

Shuana Thompson
Director, Financial Information Systems


Pace University's Kronos solution helps the university better manage its workforce using real-time labor data to increase productivity, gain more control of labor costs, and improve compliance.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track and manage employee time and attendance to reduce payroll and leave inflation and manual errors
  • Gain insight into approaching overtime to better control labor costs
  • Easily track the time of employees working multiple positions
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements

Workforce Accruals

  • Apply complex rules consistently for time off, including sick, vacation, and personal time
  • See real-time accrual balances to reduce taking of unearned time off
  • Oversee and manage costs of accrued time and quickly report on leave time liability

Compliance Tools

  • Automatically apply a wide variety of built-in pay rules and work rules


Using Kronos workforce management tools, Pace University has streamlined its timekeeping and payroll processes, saving payroll employees days of data entry to free them up to analyze trends. With pay rules and work rules configured in the solution, regular time and overtime are automatically calculated for delivery of on-time, perfect paychecks. Employee leave time is accurately tracked and accrued, so employees take only leave time earned, and the university's leave liability can be quickly reported. Student-employees working multiple positions can track their time on a single screen using multiple jobs functionality. Staff is happier and compliance risk is reduced.


for correct payroll calculations
using automated Kronos solution


delivered correctly and on time
increases employee satisfaction