With a focus on attracting and retaining high-caliber talent to meet the needs of its large retail clients, MarketSource deploys a team of 9,000 part-time representatives to work in the electronics and technology sales departments of more than 30,000 unique stores in the U.S. Disparate scheduling solutions used by event/shift-based reps and traveling brand advocates/trainers made scheduling employees working both job types incredibly complex. Unable to pick up extra shifts through MarketSource, 53 percent of part-time employees took a second part-time job to supplement their income. During the holiday season, employee numbers increased upwards of 30 percent, but the company had to refuse business during short peak seasons because it wasn't able to easily offer employees opportunities across the two job types.

What MarketSource needed was a solution that could:

  • Provide a business social communications tool to engage with a remote, digitally savvy workforce
  • Create a user-friendly, single sign-on mobile app that enables candidates to complete a profile; select from a menu of job types that match interests, skills, and schedule availability; and apply for positions
  • Elevate the part-time employee experience to meet employee needs for flexible work schedules and additional shifts
  • Provide training to reps via mobile devices about sales, products, services, and retail store policies to expand their skills, certifications, work opportunities, and effectiveness
  • Track employee certifications, qualifications, experience, performance, and earnings in the app
  • Report on reps' experiences with customers and customers' product feedback at the end of each shift
  • Manage schedules, including geo check-in/check-out and provide route management for reps who travel to multiple stores
"Workforce Dimensions provides a platform that is open, flexible, and has the ability to integrate multiple technologies to create a full end to end solution for Workforce Management. This was key to the success of this project as with WFD, Kronos pulls the ecosystem together giving us the flexibility to thrive in the fast-paced Retail environment."

Steve Wilson
Executive Director, Solution Practice – Retail


MarketSource brought together leading solution providers to create a Representative Engagement Platform (REP), utilizing Phobio to provide a business social networking app that integrates with the Workforce Dimensions™ suite from Kronos® for workforce management of shift-based employees and with Passport to schedule route-based employees. World App also provides reports on customer preferences, number of customers seen, and trainings delivered at retail locations.

Workforce Dimensions

  • Extensibility enables the solution to integrate with other solutions and evolve as an organization becomes more strategic and innovative
  • The Kronos D5™ intelligent cloud platform delivers a robust API integration framework, immediate insight into metrics, and artificial intelligence that drives smart, predictive solutions
  • Collaborative scheduling increases employee and manager control over how schedules are built and improves alignment of labor to demand and balancing of workloads
  • A mobile-first responsive design enables employees to work anywhere on any device so they can transition seamlessly from desktop to tablet to phone


Utilizing its integrated REP solution, MarketSource and its employees are driving greater sales and revenues for the company's retail clients. The solution enables MarketSource to train employees on multiple jobs and products, schedule current part-time staff for more shifts, meet short peak-season staffing needs without hiring additional staff, and recruit fewer people. Using mobile devices, managers can see shifts where employees are assigned and can schedule and move staff as needed. With retailer approval, employees also can swap shifts in the app without manager intervention. Using the seamlessly integrated solution, MarketSource has been able to decrease operational costs, reduce employee turnover, retain talent, and increase employee availability to meet clients' staffing needs.


as ⅓ fewer additional employees
are needed during the holiday season


of in-store labor scheduled yearly,
for millions of customer interactions