Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), a private graduate school of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, has a main campus in Erie, Pennsylvania, and other campuses in Greensburg, Pennsylvania; Elmira, New York; and Bradenton, Florida. LECOM had been using paper timecards to track employee time but encountered numerous issues. Employees, even those working the second or third shift, often noted their lunch break every day as 12:00 to 12:30 p.m., an incorrect accounting of their actual break time. As part of a healthcare system, LECOM moved to that system's information solution, but it didn't adequately meet LECOM's timekeeping and other workforce management needs, from Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) tracking to easily performing audits of labor information.

LECOM needed a solution that could:

  • Streamline tracking of all employee time, including leave time and time spent on grant-funded programs
  • Provide mobile functionality to enable staff who travel or who work on different campuses to easily punch in
  • Deliver access to real-time workforce information for greater visibility into employee activities, including overtime
  • Provide an easy-to-see audit trail of workforce information
"We took a culture that was reluctant to change, and we got people to change. And now I don't know how we could live without it [UKG Ready]."

Aaron E. Susmarski, J.D.
Institutional Director of Human Resources, EEO Coordinator, and Title IX Coordinator


Following the recommendation of the healthcare system's solution provider, LECOM implemented the UKG Ready™ solution to meet its people management requirements. All salaried and hourly employees punch in using UKG Ready. Salaried exempt staff, including professors, clock in for safety reasons, such as if an emergency or lockdown occurs. Most staff punch in on a PC, and traveling staff uses the mobile app.

UKG Ready Time

  • Streamline time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information and conversion of worked hours to payroll
  • Apply user-defined pay and work rules to help improve payroll accuracy and reduce compliance risk
  • Improve employee engagement through real-time access to time and attendance and accrual information

UKG Ready Accruals Manager

  • Calculate and track accruals based on an organization's policies and automatically enforce policies consistently to mitigate compliance risk
  • Get immediate access to accrual balances for submitting or approving time-off requests
  • See the amount of time earned, taken, scheduled, and remaining for all paid-time-off categories


With greater visibility into employee activities and access to real-time analytics and reports, LECOM managers can better manage their employees and overtime. Easy access to data has been a tremendous benefit in tracking and reporting on employee time spent on grant-funded projects, including a $7 million grant during the pandemic to conduct COVID-19 testing in northwestern Pennsylvania. Special pay codes enable LECOM to track staff time devoted to specific grants as well as time working special events, such graduation, the white coat ceremony, and the scholarship auction. The efficiency gained with UKG Ready has created significant time savings, enabling LECOM to add 400 dental school employees without adding more HR/payroll staff. A time study of HR/payroll employees determined they were spending 60% to 70% of their time on payroll before the UKG Ready implementation and are now spending only 10% of their time on this task, giving them more time to devote to training, compliance, and strategic tasks.

FROM 70% TO 10%

with payroll efficiency freeing up
payroll staff time for other tasks


enabling managers to better
manage their staff and overtime