Katy Independent School District (ISD) in southeast Texas was growing rapidly, with approximately 13,000 employees and more than 70,000 students attending classes at 60 schools. Each two-week pay period, payroll staff manually entered data from 8,000 forms to track employee absences and calculate substitute teacher pay. Ensuring paraprofessionals were accurately paid for regular and extra-duty time was challenging with a paper-based system. Also, compiling employee hours in preparation for meeting Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements was time-consuming.

What Katy Independent School District needed was a solution that could:

  • Track the time of hourly employees and paraprofessionals to ensure they are paid for time worked
  • Record exempt employees’ extra-duty time and absences to avoid leave time being taken and not accounted for
  • Calculate paraprofessionals’ premium and overtime pay and exempt employees’ extra-duty pay
  • Connect grant budget and pay codes to the timecards of employees paid by grants
  • Track and report on substitute teacher hours to satisfy ACA requirements
“The [Kronos] ACA report is the keystone of our compliance strategy. It does a good job of picking up all extra-duty hours and the hours of all employees.”

Donna Melton
Technology Support Analyst


Using its automated Kronos® workforce management solution, Katy Independent School District has increased staff productivity, has better control of labor costs, and can maintain compliance with labor laws and Affordable Care Act requirements.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track and manage employee time and attendance to reduce payroll and leave inflation and manual errors
  • Gain insight into approaching overtime to better control labor costs
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements

Workforce Absence Manager

  • Identify workers with attendance issues to improve workforce productivity
  • Gain visibility into trends and patterns with on-demand reporting to control absence costs
  • Get complete automation and enforcement of absence-related policies

Workforce Mobile

  • Achieve the visibility and mobile capability the workforce needs to clock in and out and submit and respond to time-off requests
  • Access critical workforce information from anywhere for on-the-go productivity improvement


Automated tracking of employee absences and premium, overtime, and most extra-duty pay has nearly eliminated paper-based time tracking, saving Katy ISD significant paper and payroll staff time. Automated time stamping of paraprofessionals’ regular and extra-duty time helps ensure paraprofessionals are paid correctly. Employee time spent on grant-funded programs is accurately tracked for easy reporting. The Kronos Full-Time/Part-Time Analysis Report has reduced review of ACA compliance from two days to just two hours. Planned use of the mobile application by the district’s 100 police officers to track their time will increase productivity as they patrol various campuses during their shifts.


in time and paper usage with
automated processes


for full-time/part-time analysis to meet ACA compliance rules