Indianapolis Fire Department used a records management system (RMS) and magnetic boards to schedule 300 firefighters for each of three shifts at its 43 fire stations. Business practices could vary by station and shift, so whether bargaining agreement rules were consistently followed was unclear.  Department captains made time-intensive calls to fill shift openings, especially for big events like the Indianapolis 500. In scheduling overtime, meeting rest requirement rules could take a day of manual calls.


What Indianapolis Fire Department needed was a solution that could:

  • Follow built-in department rules to ensure consistent application of bargaining agreement rules across all fire stations and shifts
  • Seamlessly interface with its records management system to show which firefighters are on each firefighting apparatus
  • Efficiently fill event-related shifts while maintaining staffing of regular-duty shifts
  • Assign overtime equitably and follow rest requirement rules designed to curb firefighter fatigue
“We’ve had cases where we’ve filled 20 open positions in 10 minutes [using Workforce TeleStaff]. Before, it took four to six hours to fill these positions.”

Capt. Dale Rolfson
IT Manager


The Kronos® Workforce TeleStaff™ solution helps Indianapolis Fire Department streamline scheduling while adhering to collective bargaining agreements to improve compliance and use centralized real-time workforce data to help control labor costs.

Workforce TeleStaff

  • Quickly schedule firefighters for regular shifts and major events to ensure proper coverage
  • Make outbound calls to fill open shifts — according to each position’s required qualifications — in minutes instead of hours
  • Optimize scheduling, communication, and deployment of public safety personnel

Interface Tools

  • Can seamlessly interface with an RMS solution and a variety of other solutions for automated transfer of workforce data to support data accuracy across all solutions

Compliance Tools

  • Follow built-in collective bargaining agreement rules for consistent application across the department
  • Help ensure equitable overtime assignments according to union rules
  • Enforce rest requirement rules to support firefighter safety


Using the powerful tools in Workforce TeleStaff, Indianapolis Fire Department has streamlined regular and overtime scheduling, freeing up shift commanders and battalion chiefs to focus on managing staff. Bargaining agreement rules are configured in the solution, helping ensure they are followed consistently department-wide to reduce compliance risk. The solution schedules firefighters for events and then fills regular-duty positions, equitably assigning overtime as needed. Automated outbound calls to qualified, available firefighters during an emergency can fill shifts in minutes instead of through hours of manual calls. Built-in overtime rules follow rest requirements to reduce firefighter fatigue and support public safety.


to fill 20 open shift positions
versus 4 to 6 hours before


with 12-hour overtime rest rule
reduces firefighter fatigue