As Michigan’s largest nonprofit provider of senior services, Holland Home needed a workforce management solution that gives managers daily access to employee time data to effectively manage and avoid unnecessary overtime. With no real-time visibility into employees’ accrued time, managers granted time off that employees hadn’t accrued, requiring payroll staff corrections. A mix of automated and manual scheduling, timekeeping, attendance, and payroll systems was both inefficient and costly to maintain.

What Holland Home needed was a solution that could:

  • Optimize scheduling staff among facilities with automated scheduling
  • Allow managers to meet patient needs while avoiding unnecessary overtime
  • Boost employee satisfaction through self-service tools
  • Track regular and contract staff hours for Affordable Care Act compliance
“Kronos has saved us money and increased staff satisfaction. If you’re keeping staff happy, residents are extremely happy too.”

Doug Himmelein
Vice President of Human Resources


The automated Kronos® for Healthcare workforce management suite centralizes time and attendance, scheduling, and HR/payroll to increase productivity, better manage labor costs, and maintain compliance.

Workforce Scheduler

  • Schedule thousands of employees across multiple business functions and locations
  • Align the right employees with right skills at right time in the right location

Workforce Payroll

  • Manage multiple payroll requirements for job type, location, and classification
  • Manage numerous pay rules to comply with union bargaining agreements

Workforce HR

  • Control costs and improve HR productivity by eliminating the need to enter data into multiple systems
  • Reduce risk with a single solution for applying, storing, and accessing workforce information
  • Manage talent with automation that reduces tedious tasks and lets employees focus on what they do best


Using its Kronos solution, Holland Home created centralized scheduling that enables schedules to be built based on budget and empowers any scheduler to fill open shifts with qualified staff to optimize staffing. Using self-service tools, employees enjoy checking their schedules, timecards, earnings, and accrual balances at time clocks or on mobile devices, increasing their satisfaction. With access to real-time accrual balances, managers approve only time off that employees have accrued. Managers also receive daily overtime reports so they can control overtime while meeting resident needs. Automated tracking of regular and contract staff hours supports compliance with Affordable Care Act requirements. Reduced a payroll person $55k and a scheduler $40k. In wages alone, Holland Home saves $100K annually in those two positions.


assigns staff with the right skills
to the right place and time


for the Kronos solution
to pay for itself