Operating 181 grocery stores within five U.S. states, Hannaford Supermarkets required optimized scheduling for their workforce. Scheduling on paper was time-consuming and inefficient in ensuring that associates with the right skills were scheduled for the right times, and it was difficult to control labor costs when they couldn’t match schedules with customer traffic. Additionally, meeting standard practices and executing service strategies was difficult without timely access to detailed customer traffic data for precise scheduling.

What Hannaford Supermarkets needed was a solution that could:

  • Enable managers to optimize scheduling of associates with access to customer traffic data
  • Execute service strategies to increase store sales and customer satisfaction scores
  • Place the right associates in the right places at the right times
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface for managers to feel comfortable creating schedules
“[Kronos] Navigator’s wizards improve the execution of our standard practice for scheduling, as they guide the user through the process. And users enjoy the functionality and additional metrics that they didn’t have previously.”

Christy Elgee
Team Leader


The Kronos® for Retail automated workforce management solution with the intuitive Navigator interface allows store managers to easily ensure that store associates are in the right place, at the right time.

Workforce Scheduler

  • Schedule thousands of employees across multiple business functions and locations
  • Align the right employees with right skills at right time in the right location

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance to reduce payroll inflation and manual errors
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements such as FLSA, ACA, and union rules

Workforce Analytics

  • Uses your existing data to provide continuous visibility into labor costs
  • Track key performance indicators that impact your labor costs and productivity


After implementing the Kronos optimized scheduling solution, Hannaford has been able to deliver further labor savings and successfully adhere to its standard practices, service strategies, and merchandising guidelines. By pulling customer traffic data in 15-minute increments and using this information in conjunction with Kronos optimized scheduling, department managers were able to staff based on historical patterns. Previously, learning how to create a schedule may have taken up to two days, but with Kronos Navigator, managers can learn in a few hours. Not only that, but they also enjoy the easy-to-use interface and additional metrics that they didn’t have before.


cuts labor costs with right people,
in right place, at right time


improve productivity thanks to
intuitive Navigator interface