Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) knew that long lobby wait times left members and employees frustrated. Member visits right before closing created unexpected overtime, and members sometimes left because of long waits or because employees who were available didn't have the training or experience to help the member (e.g., HELOC loan document signing). EECU couldn't accurately calculate its abandon rate or the number of people who left the branch without being assisted. Some branches offered appointments, but it wasn't a self-service option for members to use; these appointments were posted on the branch's Outlook calendar and were not assigned to a specific employee. EECU's Call Center would send an email to a branch when a member called to inquire about a branch appointment, but this process was inefficient.

What the EECU needed was a solution that could:

  • Provide online appointment-setting technology to reduce or eliminate member wait times to meet with a branch associate
  • Increase the number of members served while enhancing their satisfaction and branch sales opportunities
  • Reduce closing-time visits — and their associated overtime costs — through easy appointment setting to better meet members' needs
  • Optimize staffing to align branch employees' availability and skill sets with members' financial service needs
  • Provide the option for members to wait to be helped or easily set up an appointment at the branch computer kiosk or online for a future time
"With [Kronos] Appointment Concierge, everything flows much better. We are able to efficiently track appointments and assign members to the right employees based on the requested service. Members appreciate the convenience of making appointments, and reminder emails help ensure appointments are kept and necessary documents are not forgotten."

Freddy Martin
Branch Operations Analyst


To better meet EECU members' financial service needs, optimize scheduling of branch staff, and manage labor costs, EECU implemented Kronos® banking solutions. Appointment-setting functionality and aligning staff schedules with branch traffic has increased member visits, helped control labor costs, and improved member and employee satisfaction.

Kronos Appointment Concierge Module

  • Drive traffic to branch locations with appointment scheduling that makes it easy for members to visit a branch
  • Eliminate wait times for members with appointments, helping to reduce lobby wait times and abandon rates
  • Increase employee efficiency by scheduling the right staff at the right times to meet member demand and deliver optimal service levels

Kronos for Banking Scheduling Solutions

  • Create optimal schedules that align staff with member traffic at each of the EECU branch locations
  • Control labor costs by developing schedules based on accurate branch traffic and minimizing excess staffing
  • Boost staff productivity by identifying idle time and redirecting staff to more meaningful tasks

Kronos Customer Connection Solution – Sales & Service Module

  • Manage sign-ins and total wait times
  • Alert critical staff members when member wait-time thresholds are not being met
  • Provide targeted employee coaching on products and service interactions through detailed analytics


EECU implemented the Kronos appointment-setting solution in November 2018. In December 2018, EECU assisted 2,647 more members than in December 2017, while branch overtime decreased 29 percent in the same time period. The solution enables members to visit EECU's website, online banking, or the mobile app to schedule their preferred appointment times; in turn, EECU can ensure the right staff is available to assist members with their specific requests. Members also receive reminder messages with notes on what to bring to their appointments. Of the 1,500 kept appointments during December 2018, more than 64 percent were for loans, a revenue-generating interaction. This growth has continued into 2019. Even with the increase in member visits, appointment setting has reduced member wait times while increasing member and staff satisfaction.


year over year,
December 2018 vs. December 2017

2,647 VISIT

by members year over year,
December 2018 vs. December 2017