Ector County Independent School District (ISD) in Odessa, Texas, tracked the time of hourly employees — food service workers, bus drivers, and transportation monitors — on timesheets, which employees and supervisors signed each week. The district assumed its paraprofessionals, who are salaried, worked 40 hours weekly. Teachers submitted their extra-duty time to managers, who entered the information on spreadsheets and sent them to payroll for keying into the payroll system. The process was time-consuming and open to error.

What Ector County ISD needed was a solution that could:

  • Accurately track the time of a wide range of hourly employees
  • Track the time of paraprofessionals and automatically fill in weekly shortfalls with their available comp time or leave time
  • Track teachers’ extra-duty time spent working with students after school
  • Enable employees to sign off on their weekly timecard at the time clock rather than on paper
“Kronos automatically handles shortfalls, which has been a huge timesaver for managers, and employees can see their real-time comp balances. Kronos is definitely helping us keep in compliance with all rules and regulations.”

Roxxie Barreno
Information Systems Business Manager


Using its Kronos® cloud-based workforce management solution, Ector County ISD is improving productivity, better managing labor costs, minimizing compliance risk, and making data-driven decisions. The solution also interfaces with Tyler Technologies’ Munis financial solution, which the school district uses for HR and payroll processing.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track and manage employee time and attendance to reduce payroll and leave inflation and manual errors
  • Gain insight into approaching overtime to better control labor costs
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements

Workforce Accruals

  • Apply complex rules consistently for time off, including sick, vacation, and personal time
  • See real-time accrual balances to reduce taking of unearned time off
  • Oversee and manage costs of accrued time and quickly report on leave time liability

Kronos Attestation Tool Kit

  • Enable employees to view and approve or reject timecard changes and totals at the time clock before manager approvals
  • Access actionable data to improve adherence to policies to minimize compliance risk


Hourly employees now review and approve their timecards at the timeclock each week, eliminating multiple keying of employee time and creating significant savings in time and paper. Paraprofessionals clock in and out daily to ensure they work 40 hours weekly. If they have a shortfall, the Kronos solution automatically fills in with their earned comp time, or leave time if needed. This has created huge time savings for school secretaries, who manually handled shortfalls before. Noticing an increase in comp time earned, the school district also is using the Kronos data to evaluate the reasons for this increase.


in employee and manager time
with attestation at the time clock


with shortfall calculations done
automatically and not manually