Anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Michigan can become a member of Dort Financial Credit Union, based in Grand Blanc. Members wishing to consult with a Dort Financial associate about a product or service visited one of the credit union’s seven branches, signed a sheet at the receptionist’s desk, and waited. Sometimes the wait was 45 minutes, and making an appointment for a later visit was not an option. This manual process affected both members’ privacy and their time. Managers spent hours creating schedules for branch associates ― and scheduling templates varied by branch ― but their efforts to align staffing with member visits and needs were based solely on intuition, not data. Without hard information, justifying an increase in staffing to meet demand was difficult.

Dort Financial Credit Union needed a solution that could:

  • Provide online appointment-setting technology to reduce or eliminate member wait times to meet with a branch associate
  • Better manage wait times of members without appointments and alert associates about extended waits and these members’ needs
  • Optimize staffing to align branch associates’ availability and skill sets with members’ financial service needs
  • Support increasing the number of members served while enhancing their satisfaction and branch sales opportunities
“Our use of these [Kronos] solutions was not driven from just numbers but from a true desire to create a better and more consistent member experience. If members have to wait 45 minutes to open an account, they’ll go someplace else. This enhanced member experience matters. It does affect your bottom line and creates a compelling reason for members to choose Dort Financial.”

Catherine Haefner
Regional Branch Operations Manager


To align scheduling of associates to more fully meet member requests for service, Dort Financial Credit Union implemented Kronos® banking solutions. Appointment setting functionality and aligning associate schedules with branch traffic has increased member visits and branch sales opportunities and improved member satisfaction.

Kronos Appointment Concierge

  • Drive traffic to branch locations with appointment scheduling that makes it easy for members to visit a branch
  • Eliminate wait times for members with appointments, helping to reduce lobby wait times and abandon rates
  • Increase employee efficiency by scheduling the right staff at the right times to meet member demand and deliver optimal service levels

Kronos for Banking Scheduling

  • Create optimal schedules that align staff with member traffic at each branch location
  • Control labor costs by developing schedules based on accurate branch traffic and minimizing excess staffing
  • Boost staff productivity by identifying idle time and redirecting staff to more meaningful tasks

Kronos Customer Connection Solution – Sales & Service Module

  • Manage sign-ins and total wait times
  • Alert critical staff members when member wait-time thresholds are not being met
  • Provide targeted employee coaching on products and service interactions through detailed analytics


Precise forecasting of member traffic assists managers in aligning scheduling of branch associates with the needs of Dort Financial’s 98,000 members. Schedules are created in minutes and accurately reflect associate preferences. When members visit one of the credit union’s now 10 branches for assistance, they sign in on a device that maintains their privacy but alerts associates about their financial service needs. Wait times decreased by 7% at the busiest branch in the first year. Members also can sign up for branch appointments through the credit union’s website, eliminating or reducing branch wait times and enabling branch associates to be prepared to assist members when they arrive. Appointment setting also provides data for informed decisions about adding associates or moving them among branches to meet customer demand. Loan services, a major revenue-generating service offering, now comprise 68% of all completed appointments. In addition, the technology permits Dort Financial associates to book branch appointments via a smartphone when meeting with prospective members at their work sites. With each improvement, the goal is enhanced member service.


in year-over-year appointments made
in first year of appointment setting


in products and services sold during
first year of using Kronos solutions