Con-way Inc.’s decentralized payroll system resulted in pay miscalculations, overpayments, considerable timecard costs, and sizeable storage needs for processed timecards – as much as seven years’ worth of records in many locations. Frontline supervisors had difficulty measuring productivity to meet customer service levels, and Con-Way needed visibility into information that could help them control labor costs and improve workforce productivity.

What Con-way needed was a solution that could:

  • Support the payroll management needs of over 22,000 employees within various job categories
  • Free up managers for other activities while improving payroll accuracy
  • Control key metrics, such as overtime and employee attendance
“With Kronos, we feel confident that we’re paying over 22,000 people accurately every week. [And] having access to timely labor information helps our operations managers better manage their facilities.”

Bryan Beazley
Project manager


Kronos® helped Con-way pay employees accurately, provide managers with visibility and control over key labor metrics to better manage their facilities and labor costs, and reduce compliance issues by tracking and validating each employees’ hours.

Workforce Timekeeper

  • Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance to reduce payroll inflation and manual errors
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements such as FLSA, ACA, and union rules

Kronos 4500 terminal

  • Minimize data entry errors and enforce pay and attendance policies at the time of the punch
  • Improve workforce productivity by giving employees self-service access to information like scheduled hours and time-off balances — freeing managers to work on higher-level activities


Today, Con-way feels confident that they are paying 22,000 people accurately every week. All timekeeping information is exported from the Workforce Timekeeper application directly to payroll, freeing up managers for other activities while improving payroll accuracy. The solution has made it easy for managers to administer attendance and enforce policies consistently. Using Kronos information, supervisors can tie their labor costs to their number of shipments and revenue to measure performance daily, or more often if needed. Con-way also uses Kronos to track where labor costs are actually being accumulated, for improved accounting accuracy.


paid accurately each week
thanks to reliable data capture


helps control costs and
improve productivity