Employing over 500 nurses that serve 1.8 million children annually, Cohen Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) is the largest provider of children’s health services in New York. CCMC needed a scheduling solution that streamlines nurse scheduling, placing nurses with the right skills and qualifications on each unit shift. Nurse managers were spending hours creating schedules that did not align with nurse preferences, fostering disengagement and dissatisfaction. Call-outs were frequent, and the time-consuming administrative work of filling open shifts and managing swaps fell on nurse managers.

What CCMC needed was a solution that could:

  • Provide nurses with self-scheduling functionality to improve satisfaction and engagement
  • Align schedules to nurse preferences to reduce call-outs and last minute shift swaps
  • Auto-generate schedules that match nurse qualifications and availability to shift positions
  • Foster better communication among nurses and nurse managers through mobile technology
  • Provides visibility to maximize staff productivity and ensure compliance
“When your workforce is engaged, they’re happy with the days they’re working; they understand the practices, policies, and expectations of the organization; and they’re smarter and safer.”

Carolyn K. Quinn RN, MSN, NEA-BC
Deputy Executive Director Operations & Administration
Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Northwell Health


Kronos enabled scheduling flexibility to empower CCMC’s staff and meet changing staffing needs, and provided visibility to maximize staff productivity.

Workforce Scheduler

  • Self-scheduling tools give nurses more control over their schedules and improve work/life balance
  • Built-in tools ensure only qualified staff are scheduled, freeing up nurse managers to spend more time interacting with nurses and patients
  • Whole-house visibility and coverage indictors minimize over- and understaffing

Workforce Mobile

  • Empower nurses to select shifts, request time off, and perform shift swaps from home and enable managers to approve overtime, shift swaps, and time-off requests on the go
  • Increase staff satisfaction with self-service and mobile capabilities


With powerful scheduling and mobile tools from Kronos, Cohen Children’s Medical Center was able to align schedules with nurse preferences, keeping nurses engaged and reducing turnover. Self-scheduling tools gave nurses more control over their schedules and work/life balance. In turn, the organization has seen a reduction in call-outs and fewer serious safety events and hospital-acquired conditions.  Self-scheduling also means nurse managers are freed up to spend valuable time with nurses and patients, improving patient care. With the mobile application, managers are empowered to approve overtime, shift swaps, and time-off requests in the moment, on the go.

Increased engagement among nurses

has resulted in fewer serious safety events

Turnover for registered nurses
dropped from 5 to 3 percent,

saving about $150,000 per each
nurse retained